Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quick, call the Herald and tell them there's a war going on!

Here's the story websites of several U.S. newspapers were leading with today:

And here's what the Miami Herald's website looked like for the entire day:

Yup! Some Star Island millionaire has filed for bankruptcy. Someone please tell me that Joan Fleischman has not come out of retirement and is now in charge!

One loyal Random Pixels reader sent me this note at about 12:30 this afternoon:  "BTW--there's no sport in this anymore, but if you looked at the online Herald right this moment you will see some bizarrely huge pix of bankrupt socialites while war on Libya is relegated to a little box on left nav. "

Finally, at a little after 5pm, someone at the paper woke up and changed the homepage.

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  1. Wait... Rod Stewart has the flu?? OMG!


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