Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Herman Cain stumps in Miami...ends up getting stumped by questions on Cuba

Overheard on the Herman Cain campaign bus shortly before its arrival in Miami Wednesday....
Cain: OK guys, tell me again about Miami.

Campaign aide: Well, Herman...Miami is very important. Cuban-Americans make up a good part of the population. Most Cuban-Americans are Republicans. Miami also happens to be in the state's most populous county. So, we need the Cuban vote if we want to win Florida.

Cain: So, what language do these Cubans speak? Cuban? I don't know any damn Cuban words.

Aide: Don't worry about that Herman...actually they speak Spanish. All you have to do when you meet a Cuban is say "hola." Say that a lot and you'll be fine.

Cain: What does "hola" mean?

Aide: It means "hello." Say "hola" and smile a lot. They eat that sh*t up. And if they ask you anything, just say "gracias" and smile some more.

Cain: "Grassy ass?" What the hell does that mean?

Aide: It means thank you.

Cain: Hmmmm, grassy ass...I like that word!

Cain: Now, one more thing...I want you to keep the f**king press away from me. Those Libya questions in Milwaukee had me sweating bullets.

Aide: Don't have to worry about that boss man. Most of the reporters in Miami are a bunch of rubes anyway. We'll take care of them. Besides, we learned our lesson in Milwaukee; what could possibly go wrong?
Marc Caputo
Well, this is what went wrong. Watch as the Miami Herald's Marc Caputo and Channel 10's Michael Putney catch up with Cain and ask him questions about the Cuban "wet foot, dry foot" policy.

Miami is the new Milwaukee.

(Click here to read Caputo's story on Cain's Miami visit.)

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