Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Miami cop ups the ante in the war with FHP

From CBS4:
The rivalry between the City of Miami Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol may be heating up.

CBS4 News has learned that Miami Police officer Tom Vokaty has been put on administrative desk duty while his superiors try to piece together exactly what happened and why on the Florida turnpike extension Tuesday some time before midnight.

According to two high ranking sources within the department, Vokaty who lives in Broward County and was apparently heading home, pulled over a marked Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

Sources say a conversation ensued and then supervisors were called in.

No charges were filed and no citations or tickets given.

Then both sources say as the incident came to a close Vokaty said to the trooper something to the effect of, “how does it feel to be pulled over”?

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  1. Piss on Vokaty unless he's on fire ;)


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