Monday, April 09, 2012

To anyone who has ever had their car towed in Miami Beach...

UPDATE: The post below has been updated with new information. Click here to read the update.

Note to Miami Beach City Manager Jorge Gonzalez:
This is NOT a legal parking space.

Jorge Gonzalez
If you've ever had your car towed while on Miami Beach, City Manager Jorge Gonzalez wants you to know that he feels your pain.

Really, he does.

Gonzalez has been Miami Beach's City Manager for almost a dozen years.

But, in that time he's done virtually nothing to put the brakes on Miami Beach's two towing companies. Companies that some say engage in "legalized theft." (At least that's how one veteran Miami Beach police officer once described their activities.)

Well, all that may be about to change. According to my sources, Gonzalez has ordered a review of the city's towing policy.

The reason for Gonzalez's sudden change of heart? In January, Gonzalez had his car towed by Beach Towing from a space on Lincoln Road.

In the wake of that unpleasant experience, several sources tell me that Gonzalez may be looking at revising and/or rewriting the city's towing policy.

Or, as one well-placed source puts it, "He got his car towed and now suddenly he gives a f**k about the Tow Policy."

Another source says that Gonzalez was able to get his car back without paying.

On another note, here at Random Pixels we are incredulous that Gonzalez does not have some kind of dashboard placard or window decal that warns parking enforcement officers that his car is not eligible to be towed. (C'mon Jorge! You mean to tell me you can get all kinds of free tickets but you don't have the good sense to figure out how to keep your car from being towed?)

Anyway, with that in mind, I've taken the liberty of having the Random Pixels Design Studio whip up this spiffy dashboard placard just for you Mr. City Manager.

Just have your assistant print it out and next time you're over on Lincoln Road, place it where it's visible to those pesky parking enforcement dudes and everything should be just fine. Guaranteed.

Print out and place on dashboard of your vehicle.


  1. Hey Bill,

    Tell the City Manager to contact Art Noriega over at the Miami parking Authority. Noriega will surely whip him up a special City-Wide parking decal for Miami Beach.

    al crespo

  2. The city manager has always thought of himself as king of MB. Let's point out several instances: Tracey Sierra while on patrol one day was citing a vehicle for being parked in a handicapped space with no placard. As she's writing the ticket, guess who comes out of the Walgreen's on 41st? That's right, JG!

    How about the time when JG must have been bored and decided that he was going to play parking enforcer with the Police vehicles that he saw were illegally parking on a yellow curb in the area of David's Cafe by placing one of his business cards on the windshield with a note on the back of the card. Maria Z. Knows that one well.

    How about the time that AC wrote a parking ticket to Mayor Bower's personal vehicle when it was illegally parked in the David's Cafe area. He was almost persecuted for that one and the ticket was fixed moments later.

    The point is that it's time to put these people's trash out in the open so the public can see that everything they do is to serve themselves. The city manager's game is to take away any negative attention off himself so no one snoops in his affairs by putting all the attention on public safety.

  3. Isn't Somthint wrong with th city manager that he parked in a fire space and got towed?

    What does he expect

    The President of USA gets 8 years and thn termed out maybe its Time for th city manager as he is in the papers everyday about some scam


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