Thursday, April 05, 2012

Miami New Times: 'Anders Gyllenhaal, Ex-Miami Herald Editor, Made Almost $1.3 Million at McClatchy Last Year'

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Back in October 2010 when it was announced that Miami Herald executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal had been promoted and would be leaving the paper for a job in Washington, DC, many on the fifth floor at One Herald Plaza were glad to see him go.

After all, it was Gyllenhaal who had been the hatchet man for the Herald's parent company, McClatchy, overseeing the layoffs of hundreds of editorial staffers during his tenure.

Today, Miami New Times staffer Tim Elfrink reports that Gyllenhaal "went home with $56,000 in 'incentive compensation' last year on top of his $375,000 salary, according to new [SEC] filings. Along with stock awards and 'other compensation,' he nearly made $1.3 million last year."

All this while current Herald staffers face another two weeks of unpaid furloughs this year and dozens of vacancies for key newsroom positions remain unfilled.

One Herald staffer told me today that "folks here are upset. It was under [Gyllenhaal's] watch that circulation collapsed and reporters started quitting."

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