Thursday, July 19, 2012

$$ Dancers Wanted...Will Train $$

While poking around in the archives of the defunct Miami News, I stumbled across this ad from back in the day for a northwest Miami strip club called The Trap.

From the Miami News, April 26, 1985.

I was curious to see what had replaced The Trap. Surely this place wasn't still around more than a quarter-century later.

After a quick Google Map search I am able to report The Trap is alive and well.

The Trap, 2011. (Click to enlarge.)

So well, in fact, that they are HIRING DANCERS. No experience necessary. Like the sign says, they'll be happy to train any inexperienced applicants. (I get the feeling this place hasn't changed all that much in 27 years.)

Get in line, ladies!


  1. You need to do some more thorough investigating. I think your readers deserve to know what the inside of this place is like. A place like this must be full of history. Don't shortchange your audience.

  2. Can't a Brotha get a table dance?


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