Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rick Scott gets to work as "Ranger" Rick

-via the Tampa Bay Times:
Times staff photographer Edmund Fountain followed Gov. Rick Scott at Hillsborough River State Park [Thursday] as part of his series of "Let's Get to Work" days. Today's assignment: See what a day in the life of a park ranger is like.
Looks a little like Ricky was aiming for "Smokey and the Bandit," but ended up with "Deliverance."

Click here for more photos of "Ranger" Rick.

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  1. He has an amazing resemblance to Jim Carrey.

    "Alrighty then!"

  2. We'll likely discover what a bad move this was after Ranger Rick goes back to Tally, demands the elimination of any remaining appropriations for state parks in next year's budget, then opens up the parks to logging operations to clear off as many trees as they wish. That should help put him closer to that goal of 700,000 jobs he promised -- loggers.


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