Sunday, December 02, 2012

Miami Herald Deathwatch (cont.)

December 18, 2012.

If you depend upon the Miami Herald's website to get your news, that's an important day.

Miami Herald publisher David Landsberg says that's when the paper plans to start charging readers to access its website.

In a November 14 email to the Herald newsroom, Landsberg proudly proclaimed: "We have transformed our business to become 24/7 information specialists, with the ability to deliver breaking news through a variety of digital platforms in addition to our print newspapers."

So, with less than three weeks to go before the Herald starts charging you to read their stories, you might be wondering how the "24/7 information specialists" at the Herald are gearing up for the transition.

I'm here to report they're not even close to being ready.

Here's a story that's been on the Herald's website all day Sunday. It's about a Miami-Dade corrections officer who was shot and killed in Miami Gardens a little before 8pm Saturday night. 

But the "24/7 information specialists" at the Herald didn't post a story - if a four sentence rewrite of a police press release can be called "a story" - until just before 9am Sunday morning...more than 12 hours after the murder occurred.

In the meantime, another "man was shot and killed at a Miami Gardens gas station," Sunday afternoon according to Local 10.

Which means the "24/7 information specialists" at the Herald might have something posted on their website by Monday morning. Or, maybe not.

And remember, in less than three weeks, you're going to be asked to pay to read crap like this.

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