Monday, December 10, 2012

Miami Herald: Still struggling with the Internet and covering the news

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In a little more than a week, the Miami Herald will launch its paywall.

According to a Nov. 14 email from Herald publisher David Landsberg to the newsroom staff, "...users of [the Miami Herald's] websites and apps will have access to a limited number of stories every month. When they reach their limit, they will be asked to subscribe to the new digital package or consider a print subscription that includes the digital package."

In that same email Landsberg also told his staff that, "We have transformed our business to become 24/7 information specialists, with the ability to deliver breaking news through a variety of digital platforms in addition to our print newspapers."

But, as I noted a week ago, the Herald still has a way to go before they can call themselves "24/7 information specialists."

And they drove that point home today.

Below is a screenshot of a six sentence story rewrite of a Miami Police Department press release - along with its embarrassing headline - that's been on the Herald's website all day Monday.

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Apparently the editors at the Miami Herald believe that the stories of crimes against the residents of Overtown and Miami Gardens aren't worth more than four or five sentences.

And while the Herald did its best to not cover a horrific crime in Overtown, a Herald reporter and a photographer spent all day at Miami City Hall covering a hearing on whether or not the Herald building should be classified as a historic landmark.

How's that for priorities?

And remember, next week you're going to be asked to pay for stuff like this.

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