Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miami Marlins reward longtime season ticket holders with threat of a lawsuit

From Tim Elfrink at Miami New Times:
First the Marlins alienated every taxpayer in Miami with their stadium deal. Then they pissed off every casual fan with a mass offseason firesale. Now the team is burning bridges with the only true-blue Fish fanatics left -- longtime season-ticket holders.

That's how Jan and Bill Leon are feeling, at least. The couple has paid tens of thousands [of dollars] for front-row season tickets since 1998. But last year, after the team installed an obtrusive billboard that blocks their view and dangerously obscures ground balls, the Leons asked to move into a different section. Their reward? A lawsuit threat.

Read the complete story by clicking here.


  1. Un effing believable.

  2. For PR professionals this team makes a marvelous handbook of "don'ts"


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