Tuesday, March 12, 2013

South Florida blogger and FAA employee gets his wings clipped, goes down in flames

South Florida blogger "Rick" shut down his blog over the weekend.

A legend in his own mind, "Rick" - a long-time Federal Aviation Administration employee - decided that after close to a decade of blogging on the dime of the U.S. taxpayer, it was time to take a break.

"Call it burnout, call it frustration, call it a desire to regain some of the health that I've lost somewhere along the way as I've spent countless hours hunched over a keyboard...," he told his readers.

Here at Random Pixels, we know better.

In the past few months we'd noticed that "Rick" was becoming more and more unglued with each passing day.

He reached his tipping point about a month ago when he attacked Miami Herald political writer Marc Caputo, calling him a "Republican hack."

On good days "Rick" was a precise and entertaining writer.

(He always struck us as the kind of guy whose skivvies are monogrammed with the days of the week and who spends hours on the weekend ironing his socks.)

But on his bad days - when he went off his meds - "Rick's" screeds began to sound a lot like the ravings of that unfortunate homeless soul you occasionally encounter in downtown Miami who asks you for ten bucks so he can have surgery to remove the microchip the CIA implanted in his head in the 70s.

However, on most days his writings simply resembled those of the people he railed against.

Some of "Rick's" devoted fans were devastated upon learning that he was closing up shop. 

But not everyone who followed his blog was a fan.

And while "Rick's" departure from the blogosphere was - to put it mildly - "melodramatic," we like to think there were more reasons for his sudden exit than just "frustration" or a simple case of "burnout."

Maybe there was something more sinister involved.

After all, the Herald's Marc Caputo does have friends in high places.....

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  1. Bill,

    Thanks for linking to my tweets. A first, in my experience. :-)

    Your posts regarding HE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS speak for themselves so I'm not going to add anything other than this: for more years than I care to remember he plied his vile trade with impunity. His veneer of all-around hail-fellow-well-met and "nice guy" was just that: artifice. Not one of the hateful (and at times libelous) screeds he launched against BabaluBlog, its editors (myself included), writers, and even commenters, were answered in kind. He was desperate for the attention and the links. We gave him what he deserved, the sincerest form of scorn: indifference and silence. It must have really pissed him off.

    I'm glad he "chose" to put a stop to his daily hate machine.

    You can disagree with our blog and with me all you want, but don't do it behind a screen of anonymity and unaccountability. At best it is unseemly; at worst, it is thoroughly dishonest.


    1. Well said. Hopefully, we've heard the last from this sniveling puke.


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