Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Miami Beach mayoral candidate Michael Góngora picks up a celebrity endorsement

The worst-kept secret in Miami Beach is that several city commissioners are just a little too cozy with Miami Beach's two towing companies. Towing companies that victimize city residents and visitors thousands of times a month.

And one of those commissioners - Michael Góngora - is now running for mayor.

With the election a little more than three months away, all of the candidates for various Miami Beach offices are cranking up their campaign machines.

And here at Random Pixels, we just got an EXCLUSIVE first look at one of candidate Gongora's campaign mailers.

It appears that Mikey has lined up a coveted celebrity endorsement. You go, Mikey!

"This is essentially punishment for people parking in residential 
zones and parking where they shouldn't park." - Michael Góngora.
Click here to enlarge.


  1. Seriously?? or is this one of your Photoshop jokes? It wouldn't surprise me if it was real but then again, nothing in Dade county politics surprises me anymore.

  2. Picture was taken at the city managers house just after they signed the contract.

  3. Wish I still lived in Miami Beach and could vote against him.


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