Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Mark Soyka is a 'dinosaur'

Mark Soyka tells John Dorschner how News Café came to be a 24-hour operation.


John Dorschner retired from the Miami Herald earlier this year after 42 years at the paper.

But he didn't stay retired for long.

Lately, John's been out breaking news, interviewing people, shooting videos and writing stories for the Biscayne Times and others.

He's even started a blog. 

John has a story in this month's Biscayne Times: A fascinating interview with News Café owner Mark Soyka.

Dorschner writes, "Soyka is often hailed as a visionary for opening [News Café] on Ocean Drive well before the crowds came, and then, in 1999, for opening Soyka Restaurant at 55th and Biscayne, a move that many believe sparked the rejuvenation of the Boulevard."

Read the full interview here: Soyka at 70, News Café at 25.

John's not much for I'll do it for him. Go on over to Facebook and "like" his page and follow him on Twitter.

I have a feeling John's going to be writing about things you won't see anywhere else.

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