Monday, December 09, 2013

The way we were...Michael Putney pans 'Scarface'

Back in 1983 Michael Putney was a relatively young, hot-shot reporter at WTVJ.

And on the afternoon of Dec. 9, 1983, he was outside the Miracle Theater in Coral Gables interviewing folks who had just paid $4 to see the first screening of Scarface.

Putney ended his report with a little review of his own:

On Al Pacino's accent: "Dad never taught Tony [Montana] how to talk good. What a mumbler. And what an accent Al Pacino has here. A mongrel mixture of the South Bronx, Milan and Matanzas."

On the movie: "You can sum up Scarface in two words...bang bang, snort snort."

I wonder if Putney's opinion of the film has changed in 30 years? I'll contact him and ask. Stay tuned.


Dec. 9, 1983...'Scarface' hits Miami

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  1. He was also in some scenes of "Cocaine Cowboys'' for some news segments.


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