Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is what now passes for news at Local 10

WPLG used to set the gold standard for television journalism in South Florida.

Sadly, that's no longer the case.

The station now employs two former NFL cheerleaders who have magically morphed into "journalists."

And, it gets worse.

They're now airing "news stories" that wouldn't be "news stories" were it not for 20 or 30 seconds of surveillance video.

The story below aired at mid-day Wednesday.

Reporter Ben Kennedy, who usually does his stand-ups while frantically flapping his arms, seemed subdued and a bit embarrassed that he was being forced to report this crap.

(Note to Constance Jones: Someone casually shoplifting two six packs of beer doesn't even come close to the definition of a "brazen robbery.")

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And then, shortly after 8pm Wednesday evening, the station posted this "story" on its website....which, once again, wouldn't be a "story" except that one idiot whipped out his cell phone shot 15 seconds of video of moviegoers milling about outside the theater.

The station then posted a story before getting all the facts.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Police are investigating what caused a smoke alarm to go off at a Miami Beach movie theater.

Moviegoers rushed outside after the alarm sounded at the Regal Cinema on Lincoln Road.

Miami Beach Fire officials said one fire engine was sent to the theater, but no fire was discovered.

Firefighters believe a fire inside a popcorn machine is to blame.

The theater was still evacuated around 9 p.m. Wednesday.

No other details were provided.

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  1. This is the case everywhere. News papers are dying and so end local investigative journalism. It's all about fluff and eye candy now. I think it is up to us bloggers and citizen journalist to report. Bill, you seem like the kinda guy who can organize local citizen journalists to report and keep their eyes on things.


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