Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Colbert Report profiles Big Pine Key's Doug Varrieur

Remember the Miami Herald story from earlier this year about the Big Pine Key resident who built a gun range in his back yard?

Well, the Colbert Report featured him on the show a few nights ago.

Bottom line: Doug Varrieur just may be the most obnoxious person in a state full of obnoxious people.

Take a look.

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  1. Of course this is a comedy show and you must realize a tremendous amount of editing when into play to secure the comedy. What you don't hear is my shooting partner retired Fl Keys police officer and I only shoot 1 hour per week on Wed between 3-4 in the afternoon and the guns used most of the time are 22's. We shoot from a distance of 20 feet and the backdrop behind the target is 1 foot thick, 8 feet tall 12 feet wide against a big shed. No shots are ever fired when a boat is in the canal. Local, State and Federal officers have all come and inspected our target area and deemed it perfectly safe. The few pissed off neighbors you see on film are the only pissed off neighbors. Others have no issue. Interestingly enough my target area is one of several in the Florida Keys. By te way, there's a ZERO crime rate in my neighborhood.....I wonder why? :) :)


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