Tuesday, June 24, 2014

President of Miami's police union says criminals own Miami's streets

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In the wake of this morning's mass shooting in Liberty City at 6511 N.W. 12th Ave. that left two men dead and 7 people injured, the president of Miami's police union responded by sending an "Officer Safety Bulletin" to his membership.

In the bulletin, Miami Police Sgt. Javier Ortiz warns officers that criminals in neighborhoods like Liberty City no longer fear the police.

Ortiz points out that the shooting occurred just a short distance from the Miami Police Department's North Station at 1000 N.W. 62nd Street.
As you are all aware, just a few blocks from the North Station, nearly a dozen people were shot in a gangland style assault. We have reached a tipping point in the district where the criminal element has no fear of our police officers and are beginning to act with impunity.

There are several factors contributing to this. From the lack of effective tactical units, unqualified leadership, to the devastating shortage of officers assigned to the North End.

Google Street View of 6511 N.W. 12th Avenue. 

Ortiz predicts that the shooting will go unsolved and warns officers to be extra careful when responding to calls:
Based on our current clearance rate in homicide, the crime will in all likelihood go unsolved. We are imploring officers that work the North District to remain safe. Back each other up on calls. Treat every call as a potentially armed situation. Please resort back to your training and experience and help each other out. Since we are not getting the resources and support from the City of Miami, we now need to do it ourselves.

Do not respond [alone] to calls that require two officers.

If something should happen to you, the City will say you didn't follow proper protocols by going by yourself. I know that we all want to help out when there is that emergency call. However, you aren't of any value at that call if you get hurt or killed. Let the call hold until you have back-up as stated in our departmental orders.

This morning's mass shooting occurred less than a half mile 
from the Miami Police Department's North Station.

Ironically, this morning's carnage occurred just a week short of the 8th anniversary of the shooting of Sherdavia Jenkins, a nine-year-old girl who died after getting caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between two men fighting over drugs. She died a stone's throw from 6511 N.W. 12th Ave.

In 2010 a park was dedicated in Sherdavia's honor.

The Sherdavia Jenkins Peace Park is three short blocks from the scene of this morning's shooting.

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