Tuesday, October 07, 2014

'Rick Scott was one of the 2 creepiest criminals I ever met.'

In the mid-90s Kurt Eichenwald was a senior writer and investigative reporter at The New York Times, writing about "corporate corruption and related topics," according to his bio on the Times' website.
"In 1998, [Eichenwald] won a Polk Award ... for a series of articles about allegations of corruption at the nation's largest private hospital chain, the Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation."

Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation is, of course, the company that Rick Scott founded and headed before being forced to resign in 1997.

So if anyone knows about Rick Scott, it's Kurt Eichenwald.

Yesterday, after a whistleblower spoke at a press conference calling Rick Scott "the leader of a criminal enterprise," Eichenwald - a journalist who probably knows more about Scott's criminality than anyone - took to Twitter, unleashing a blizzard of tweets about his dealings with Scott.

Sure, we all knew about this four years ago when Scott showed up out of nowhere and bought the election.

But this time around there's no excuse.

If Rick Scott is re-elected, we as Floridians will deserve every bit of ridicule that will no doubt be heaped upon us.

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