Wednesday, October 08, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: No charges to be filed in 2011 Miami Beach Memorial Day shooting

Random Pixels has learned that Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle will announce - perhaps as early as next week - that no charges will be filed against any of the 12 officers involved in the 2011 Memorial Day shooting on Miami Beach that left one man dead and four bystanders wounded.

Raymond Herisse, 22, was killed when officers fired at least 116 rounds into his vehicle.

From a 2013 CBS Miami story:
Police claim Herisse was driving erratically the wrong way down Collins Avenue. At one point he almost hit a Hialeah police officer on a bicycle who was helping with crowd control. Police said they thought the driver may have been armed.

As Herisse rolled to a stop near near 14th St. and Collins Avenue, police opened fire on the car. The barrage of bullets was captured on camera and posted on YouTube. Records show police fired 116 rounds, Herisse died on the scene.

Police found the gun hidden in Herisse’s blue, bullet-ridden Hyundai three days later.

A Miami-Dade Police’s forensics lab report found that Herisse did not test positive for gunpowder residue which means he did not fire the weapon.

Ed Griffith, spokesperson for Fernandez-Rundle, told me he wasn't aware of plans for an announcement next week. But he added, "When the report [on the shooting] is released, I expect it to be rather lengthy."

Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates. 
I've also learned that Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oates has rewritten the department's policy regarding shooting at vehicles.

In a video to be shown to all officers at roll call starting Friday, Oates will announce a prohibition against shooting at vehicles - moving or stopped - for any reason. The only exceptions will be if the driver or passenger have a weapon.

Additionally, I've learned that Oates plans to go on radio station WEDR next week to talk about the no-shoot policy; his appearance timed so that he can discuss the policy change ahead of Fernandez-Rundle's planned announcement.

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