Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes....

....Carlos Leiva, Bryan Alexander Catin, and Alberto Valdes Mora.

Carlos Leiva
It's been a while since we've welcomed any new inductees into the world famous Random Pixels Losers Corner.

Bryan Catin
So this morning we're making up for that lapse by welcoming, not one, not two, but three new losers.

Alberto Mora
These criminal masterminds were picked up Wednesday by Miami Beach Police detectives Juan Sampedro and Steven Feldman.


Now we're not in any way minimizing the fine police work by Detectives Sampedro and Feldman, but it appears that these late-blooming geniuses did everything in their power to make sure the cops found them without too much trouble.

Everything except drive themselves to the police station and turn themselves in.

Our story begins at 4:40 a.m. last Sunday when Leiva, Catin and Mora were cruising South Beach in Leiva's BMW looking for someone to rob.

At 11th Street and Jefferson Court they spotted a guy walking home.

According to Leiva's arrest report....

....without provocation the defendant struck the victim on the head with his fist while wearing a set of brass knuckles. The victim fell to the ground and the defendant and co-defendant continued to strike the victim (with the brass knuckles and fists) about his face and head. The defendant removed the victims wallet and keys from the victims pants pocket. The defendant and co-defendant then ran to an awaiting vehicle (2007,BMW, 328i, 4 door with FL plate l32vv). 
The vehicle was driven by yet an additional unidentified co-defendant. the vehicle sped off southbound on Jefferson court and then lost control while turning on to 9 street from Jefferson court. The vehicle collided into a stationary unoccupied vehicle at which time the airbags on the vehicle deployed thus shutting the engine off. Unable to restart the vehicle, the subjects abandoned it and fled on foot. 
Miami Beach police responded to the scene but were unable to locate any of the defendants. The vehicle was later reported stolen by the defendant (registered owner) to the City of Miami Police Department.

So, congratulations, Carlos Leiva, Bryan Alexander Catin, and Alberto Valdes Mora.

We've been saving seats for you in the Losers Corner. You deserve them.

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