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Miami Herald political writer Marc Caputo is leaving the paper to join


Marc Caputo
In October 2012, after seeing a video of Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo trying to question Sen. Marco Rubio, I wrote, "After watching Marc Caputo question [...] Rubio, I'm convinced Rubio is guilty of something."

Caputo was trying to ask Rubio about the ongoing criminal investigation of his pal, Rep. Ravid Rivera.

But as Caputo wrote at the time, "Rubio preferred to get rained on Monday than answer questions about a criminal investigation into his long-time friend and ally, Congressman David Rivera."

The entire thing was caught on Caputo's handi-cam. But the video, and a dozen or so other Caputo cinematic mini-masterpieces disappeared when the Herald began hosting their videos on YouTube.

And that's a shame, because one of Caputo's talents - in addition to writing about politics - was shooting incredibly revealing videos that featured some of the Sunshine State's shadier politicians in starring roles.

Some of Caputo's videos have survived, including this classic (below) from 2011 when Caputo tried to get then "presidential candidate" Herman Cain to explain the so-called "wet-foot, dry foot" policy.

However, most true aficionados of Caputo's work consider 2014's "Email me" video (embedded at the top of this post) to be his magnum opus.

Tim Elfrink of Miami New Times calls the video "beautifully awkward," writing, "Caputo hounding Rivera about the ongoing federal probe he'd broken and Rivera repeatedly muttering, "Email me" -- is a perfect example of the tenacity, humor, and shoe-leather reporting the political writer has brought to the Miami Herald for the past 12 years."

But if you're a fan of Caputo's work, you'll soon have to look elsewhere.

Shortly after 7 this morning, Caputo announced on Twitter that he was leaving the Herald and taking his talents to the website,

Here's the email Miami Herald executive editor Mindy Marqués sent to the newsroom.

We're sad to announce that Marc Caputo is leaving the Miami Herald to join Politico as a Florida-based political writer.

Marc first joined the Herald in 2003 to work in the Tallahassee Bureau. Before the Herald, he had worked at newspapers in Key West, Naples, Arizona and West Palm Beach (Palm Beach Post).

He stayed in Tallahassee until 2011 when he was named the Herald’s political writer and columnist.

Marc is both a talented writer and a relentless reporter. And his passion for politics turned him into a brand name in Florida. Whether it was writing for the Herald’s front-page (hard to recall a Caputo story that didn’t deserve a look-at for 1A), the Herald’s popular Naked Politics blog or his 12,000-plus followers on Twitter, Caputo is the go-to reporter to know what’s happening in the zany world of Florida politics.

As a Herald reporter, he’s covered major stories -- from the special session on Jeb Bush’s Scripps Florida giveaway to the Terri Schiavo case to 8 hurricanes that slammed the state over a 14-month period. He’s also been a key part of the Herald’s coverage of every major election since 2004 and put people into federal prison with his award-winning investigative reporting of former Republican U.S. Rep. David Rivera. His work, alongside Manny Garcia and Sergio Bustos, earned the Miami Herald a McClatchy President’s Award for journalism excellence in 2012.

Please wish him the best in his new job at Politico.

With Marc's departure, we have an opening for a Florida politics writer. We are looking for a versatile reporter who loves politics and can cultivate good sources. We need someone who can write a quick feed to the blog just as easily as a meaty Sunday story. Interested? Contact Sergio Bustos or Jay Ducassi.


Aminda Marqués Gonzalez
Executive Editor & Vice President/Miami Herald
3511 NW 91 Avenue, Miami, FL 33172
twitter: @MindyMarques

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