Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Here are some photos of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine posing with things

Here's a photo of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine trying to look presidential. 


Today we're introducing a new feature here at Random Pixels.

For now I'm going to call it "Here are some photos of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine posing with things." Rolls right off the tongue, huh?

I started thinking about this after noticing the eerie similarities between Levine's clumsily-staged photo ops and those of a certain Asian dictator.

This guy.

North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un inspects some kind of goo 
being produced by a goo machine at a North Korean goo factory.

So where's the similarity? Both men love having their picture taken. And as far as I can tell, neither one has been told how silly they look in almost all of the photos.

Now I kid Mayor Levine a lot.

But deep down I love the guy for his honesty.

He doesn't pretend to be anything other than what he is: an egotistical, slightly pompous, always obnoxious, self-important megalomanic who's very pleased with himself. Last year he told a magazine, "I wake up every morning and I’m so happy I’m mayor."

I'm sure Kim Jong Un wakes up every morning feeling the same way.

But what makes Levine's Facebook photos so perversely appealing and charming is that despite all his money and polish, he obviously has no idea how silly he looks in these amateurish attempts to appear as though he's in control and in charge. And don't get me started on his oily smile.

It's safe to say that no other South Florida politician churns out silly, useless, meaningless pictures at the rate that Levine does. All politicians pose for pictures. But Levine somehow manages to appear both patronizing and creepy in his photos.

But the only thing more inane than the photos themselves are the asinine captions he attaches to them.

It was great visiting Cruise Shipping Miami.
(Click images to enlarge)

Enjoyed being a part of The Wendy Williams Show featuring
Miami Beach Centennial Celebrations.
Tomorrow 10 a.m. on FOX WSVN 7. #MiamiBeach100

This is how we celebrate today at Commission meeting dressing 
up from our favorite decade in Miami Beach history as part of our 
Centennial Birthday month.

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