Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shots fired at Lil Wayne's Miami Beach home!!!!


Every TV station in town spent a good part of Wednesday afternoon reporting that Miami Beach police had responded to reports of a shooting at the gazillion-dollar La Gorce Island home/theme park of rapper Lil Wayne.

Police said that someone called their non-emergency number and reported that four people had been shot at the home located at 94 La Gorce Circle.

It wasn't long before hordes of local TV reporters descended upon the place and immediately went into full CNN mode....which means they took two or three or shreds of information and repeated it over and over and over again.


Local 10's Glenna Milberg, who lives nearby and who was off today showed up to beef up Local 10's reporting team.

Glenna reported by cell phone that she was out for a run dressed in "spandex and a t-shirt" which enabled her able to blend in with the crowd and look like a civilian because she wasn't carrying a camera....and so the cops left her alone.

Well into Local 10's exhaustive and superheated coverage, Glenna reported that police were in deep conversation with a man who showed up on the scene, and according to Glenna, may or may not have been Lil Wayne. Glenna apparently had no idea what Lil Wayne looks like.  (It's OK, Glenna, neither do I.)

Click image to enlarge.

MORE BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! One of Glenna's colleagues emailed her pics of Lil Wayne and the man police were talking to IS NOT LIL WAYNE! REPEAT, he is NOT Lil Wayne!

BULLETIN!!!!!!! This is Lil Wayne.

MORE BREAKING NEWS!!!!! "He's not inside based on social media," Local 10's Todd Tongen authoritatively reported at one point.

At 2:51 p.m. Tongen reported "We've been at this for an hour and a half.

A minute later, WSVN's Rosh Lowe reported that a source told him that SWAT found no victims inside the house. Lowe added the "whole thing was one large, expensive hoax."

Meanwhile, up in the Florida panhandle, 11 service members are missing and presumed dead after "two UH-60 aircraft assigned to the Army National Guard, Hammond, La., were participating in a training exercise over night March 10. One aircraft with four aircrew and seven Marines assigned to Camp LaJeune, N.C, was involved in an accident near Eglin range site A-17, east of the Navarre Bridge."

But I'm pretty sure none of Miami's local TV stations will be spending anywhere close to an hour and a half covering the crash on tonight's evening news programs.

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