Thursday, July 09, 2015

Here are the best moments from yesterday's Miami Beach City Commission meeting

Miami Beach commissioners arrive
for yesterday's meeting.
They held a city commission meeting on Miami Beach yesterday. The big news was that sometime before noon the commission voted 5-0 to allow "police to issue a $100 ticket to people found with 20 grams or less of marijuana on their person instead of arresting them."

But it was during the afternoon session when things started to get really weird.

After Commissioner Ed Tobin repeatedly questioned Mayor Philip Levine and Commissioner Jonah Wolfson on whether or not they ever called vendors and real estate developers for political contributions, Wolfson reminded Tobin that he's probably the last person who should be questioning someone's ethics.

Jonah Wolfson to Ed Tobin: "You're the one who failed an 
ethics exam when you tried to get a job with the police department."


Then Levine reminded Tobin that he didn't need to ask anyone for money...because he's rich; really rich. Just like that other jerk who's been in the news lately.

Mayor Philip Levine: "I don't need a penny from anybody. 
I financed my entire campaign."

Donald Trump: "I don't need anybody's money...I'm really rich."


But it was Commissioner Deede Weithorn who got off the best lines of the day.

During a contentious exchange with Levine Mayor Dickhead, an incensed Weithorn said, "Let the public see what the mayor is really like if that's what he wants to do."

Levine responded, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry your husband is running [for office] and you're upset because you can't raise money"

Weithorn shot back: "You know, that's why you're not married because you think that that's how it works. "

Deede Weithorn to Mayor Philip Levine: "That's why you're not married."

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