Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The way we were...1980s promotional film for Miami and Dade County

Great find from the hard working people at the Wolfson Archive who write:
TV newsrooms are busy places and brevity is highly valued. So the terse words "Metro Video" scrawled on the label of WTVJ archive tape X274 were perfectly adequate at the time.

We'd like a little more information about this video, but thirty years ago nobody in the newsroom had the job of explaining things for future generations.

So we've got this video, pretty clearly produced to promote Miami and Dade County as a tourist destination to potential tourists far and wide with pretty pictures and an original song.

Watch and listen an we think you'll agree with us -- that the song, with lyrics like "On Key Biscayne we'll go sailin' / Metrozooin' and Metrorailin'" is not as pretty as the pictures.

And if you have any information about who produced this video, under what circumstances, and where the rest of it ended up, let us know with a comment.

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