Sunday, August 23, 2015

Michael Putney responds to Miami Beach Commissioner Jonah Wolfson's attack ad

Michael Putney says Jonah Wolfson
is a "schoolyard bully" and
"lunch money thief."

Earlier this week, Miami Beach Commissioner Jonah Wolfson took out an ad in the Miami Herald that attacked veteran journalist Michael Putney. Wolfson was pissed that Putney used the term "sleazy" to describe a political action committee chaired by Wolfson.

This morning on his show, "This Week in South Florida," Michael Putney responded to Wolfson and points he made in his ad.

In his commentary Putney said he had invited Wolfson to come on the show and defend what he said in his ad.

But he said Wolfson declined unless Putney first apologized to him. "Not very courageous," said Putney, adding that Wolfson's actions reminded him of a "schoolyard bully" who took "lunch money from the smaller kids."

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