Thursday, September 03, 2015

Is Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine ready to admit he committed several crimes last March?

Yesterday's MIami Beach City Commission meeting was a drama-free affair.

Mayor Philip Levine and all the commissioners were on their best behavior - a major deviation from last July's get-together that was full of insults and personal attacks.

However, the meeting did take a bizarre turn when during a discussion about the problems caused on city streets by delivery trucks and vans, Levine interrupted Commissioner Michael Grieco in mid-sentence: "Michael, this is crucial," says Levine at the 0:43 mark on the video above.

"I know it's crucial," Grieco responds.

And then in an obvious reference to an incident last March when Levine confronted and bullied the driver of a Coca-Cola delivery truck, the mayor asks, "How does it affect like Coca-Cola trucks, or things like that?" Several commissioners can be heard snorting and guffawing. "I mean does it kind of like affect all soft drink companies?" Levine continues.

Levine has never admitted that he snatched the keys from the double-parked Coke truck and illegally detained the driver. In May, he refused to answer a TV reporter's questions about the incident.

However, with yesterday's flippant remark it appears that Levine has no problem making light of the fact that he got away with committing some serious crimes ... but not quite ready to come out of the closet and admit he broke the law.


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