Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And now it's time for another edition of 'Mangling the English language at the Miami Herald'

But first let's tackle the question, "Is our children learning?"

They've posted an interesting bit of video on the Miami Herald's website. It shows a man scrambling up the stairs at the Herald's World News Headquarters in Doral.

Here's how how a couple of Herald writers reported the story.
There was one strange incident reported — but it came long before the bikes and ATVs took to the road and was far away from Broward County, where most of the riders ended up Monday.

On Sunday, Doral police arrested an out-of-town dirt bike rider they believe was here to take part in Monday’s ride. Though his name wasn’t available Monday, police said the man was driving opposite traffic on several city streets and was charged with reckless driving after police caught up to him in the parking lot of the Miami Herald.

But somewhere along the line, a caption writer decided to change "reckless driving" into the much more serious charge of "wreckless driving."

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