Saturday, January 02, 2016

Stop taking selfies! Just stop!

It was just a silly story with a click bait headline that I posted on Facebook last night: "Things no self-respecting adult should be doing on Facebook."

Of course, if you're a self-respecting adult, you probably shouldn't be on Facebook in the first place.

But I digress.

Far down the list was this Facebook no-no: "Selfies, of any variety.  If a picture needs to be taken of you, but there’s no one else around to take it, does it really need to be taken after all?"


A few hours after I posted, one of my Facebook friends replied:
Hating on selfies is even trendier and more irritating than people taking selfies. Why does anybody care about what photos other people take? SO many more irritating things on social media.
I responded by writing that in the many decades that I've been shooting pictures, it's never once occurred to me to take a picture of myself. "I found more interesting things going on around me than my own face," I wrote.

There are many reasons why I despise selfies.

Number one on the list: 99% of selfies are examples of really bad photography. Life is too short to be taking bad pictures, or worse, looking at them.

Number two: it's next to impossible to take a selfie without making yourself look like a complete idiot, or at the very least, a self-absorbed, narcissistic moron. So why would you?

Need proof?

But my Facebook friend was right about one thing: There are indeed "SO many more irritating things on social media."

Apparently there's now something called "car pool karaoke."

After all, can you think of a better place to shoot a bad music video than in a car hurtling down a highway at 60 mph? What could possibly go wrong?

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