Friday, May 27, 2016

Miami Beach City Attorney Raul Aguila may - or may not - know something about the law....

Raul Aguila

....but he definitely has no idea where the Miami Herald's offices are located.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine directed City attorney Raul Aguila "to respond to the Miami Herald’s misleading and damaging May 16th article regarding king tides and [the city's] flood mitigation system."

And respond he did, with a six-page letter that ends with Aguila requesting a meeting with the Herald and demanding a retraction of the May 16 article.

So while Mayor Levine and Raul Aguila are questioning the truthfulness of the Herald article, I'm having a little trouble believing anything in the letter given the fact it's addressed to the Herald's Pembroke Pines office that closed down at least a year ago.

And even when it was open, the Herald's executive editor never worked there.

Click to enlarge.

And what does Mayor Levine have to say about all of this? We'll ask him as soon as he gets back from Japan where he's learning how to make sushi.

Sushi, anyone?
(All travel expenses paid personally by Mayor Philip Levine. Batteries
sold separately. Void where prohibited by law. Please use stairs in case of fire.)

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