Friday, August 26, 2011

Here's a list of the City of Miami's top earners [UPDATED]

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UPDATED 1x below.

Depending upon which Miami Herald story you read, the City of Miami is facing a $54 million shortfall for next year’s budget or a $61 million budget hole.

On top of that City Manager Johnny Martinez announced last Aug. 15 "he’s declaring a state statute called 'financial urgency'."

Last month, Miami New Times staff writer Tim Elfrink reported that the city has hired 782 people despite a May 7, 2009 hiring freeze was ordered.

Either way you look at it, they're screwed.

But don't try telling that to some of the city's top earners.

Budget shortfall? What budget shortfall?

Random Pixels has obtained a list of 758 City of Miami employees who earn over $100,000 a year.

Of those, at least 21 gross over $200,000 a year.

The highest paid City of Miami employee is City attorney Julie Bru, who grosses $297,888 a year.

Number two on the list: Miami police captain Richard Walterman, a 29 year veteran of the department whose gross salary is listed at $289,297 a year. That's more than Miami police chief Miguel Exposito and Miami fire chief Maurice Kemp make.

Exposito is number 4 on the list: $241,007 a year.

Rounding out the top five is Miami city clerk Priscilla Thompson.

UPDATED: The bright spot in all of this for city of Miami taxpayers? Tim Elfrink of New Times writes: "Worth noting for those who think the city hasn't made any efforts to trim salaries amidst the looming double dip recession: In 2008, the Biscayne Times found that 97 city employees, mostly from the Fire Department, had topped $200K."

Here's the list.



  1. Yes, the figures on the chart for each employee represents their total income. For instance, the $289,297 listed for Capt. Walterman includes overtime.

  2. Those salaries are not correct. Not sure where you got that from. Im on that list and my salary is over stated by atleast 30k not even with overtime. Please verify your info before you ruin someones reputation

  3. @ Anonymous at 10:36 - the list came from the City of Miami personnel department in response to a public records request.

  4. Bill,

    Her name is Julie Bru.

  5. This is excellent. I always love to read about government salaries. It is amazing that they are so high, but there were even more high salaries in 2008. Love the blog and your terrific research! Thank you!

  6. Sorry but your numbers are not accurate. My amount is almost 40K too high.
    They appear to be a total compesation amount that includes insurances,ot,retros paid, and all time balances that are on the books. And all before the paycuts last year.
    That list sure is a great way to smear reputations though.

  7. @ anon at 3{55pm. The list was supplied by the city's chief accountant.

  8. If some of the salaries are overstated, is someone getting paid under the table and the expense charged to a bonafide employee?

  9. Stop recycling that 2008 list. While true back then, we were earning those salaries when people were working 30 hours a week selling bad mortgages and making more than we did. AFTER THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF PAY CUTS FOR MIAMI EMPLOYEES (POLICE AND ALL OTHER DEPARTMENTS), THAT CHART IS NO LONGER ACCURATE. I, for one, lost $1,000 per month. Whether you think it's great because I "made too much money," the fact is that I no longer make it!!!!!


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