Sunday, July 17, 2016

Is Donald Trump on drugs?

Via Maggie Haberman of the New York Times:
If ever there was a moment for Donald J. Trump to share the spotlight, his formal announcement of his running mate on Saturday was it.

Instead, his introduction of Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana was a remarkable reminder that ultimately, the Trump campaign is about one person.

He called Mr. Pence his “partner,” but before the governor took the stage, Mr. Trump stood there alone and talked for 28 minutes, delivering a long and improvised riff that emulated his rallies instead of a traditional vice-presidential debut.

After roughly 20 minutes, Mr. Trump reached for his notes. “Back to Mike Pence!” he declared, turning to Mr. Pence’s record of job creation in Indiana. Then he used the reference to the Hoosier State to remind the 150 people in attendance that he had trounced Mr. Pence’s endorsed candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, in the primary there.

When Mr. Trump ultimately ceded the microphone to Mr. Pence, rather than stand beside him while he delivered his remarks, Mr. Trump patted him twice on the left shoulder and walked off the stage.


Via's Charles Pierce
By the time he finally got around to introducing Pence, this looked less like a campaign rollout than it did a proof-of-life video to Pence's family back home (again) in Indiana. (Look, mother. Mike is still alive! Pay the ransom!) By the time he finally got around to introducing Pence, he did it in one brief sentence and then he… left… the… stage.


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