Saturday, July 23, 2016

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine attended a very important event this morning

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine was Master of Ceremonies at a very important event on 41st Street today.

The reason we know it was important is because he wore his navy blue blazer, blue shirt and khaki Dockers combo.

Let's listen in on the conversation the Mayor had this morning with his loyal manservant, Raoul, as he got ready for his day.....

Levine: "Raoul, I think I'll wear my khaki Dockers and dark blue shirt with my navy blue blazer. And pick out a nice tie for me. I know it's Saturday....but this is a very special event."

Raoul: "But you wear that blue blazer and those khaki Dockers everywhere."

Levine: "Just do as I tell you, Raoul, or I'll ship your ass back to Camaguey on the next plane."
"Besides, Chico, I'm not going to Hillary's event...this is bigger...I'm cutting a ribbon at the new Burger King on 41st Street."

Unedited photo caption from Mayor Levine's Facebook page:
"Opening of the new cool Burger King on 41st on ‪
#‎MiamiBeach‬.  Burgerking was founded in Miami in 1954."

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Here are more pictures of Mayor Levine looking very spiffy in his khaki Dockers and blue blazer!

Mayor Levine in Cuba a few moths ago.
(Yes, a fully grown man actually posted this picture on
the Internet.)

Mayor Levine gives blood at a mobile blood bank.

Levine at swearing in ceremony for new police officers in May.
Everyone's in uniform, including Levine.

At the re-opening of the Venetian Causeway in February.
Blue blazer? Check! Khaki Dockers? Check!
Red tie? Check!

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