Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Today a Miami Herald reporter did his civic duty and voted. It cost him $18

Miami Herald reporter Nick Nehamas voted today.
It ended up costing him $18.

Miami Herald business reporter Nicholas Nehamas swung by the North Shore library at 75th Street and Collins Avenue on Miami Beach this morning sometime after 10 a.m. to do his civic duty and vote.

It cost him $18.

Nehamas says he drove a block north of the library and parked on 76th Street just a little west of Collins Avenue. He told me over the phone he was gone for a total of 10 minutes.

Politico's Florida reporter Marc Caputo weighed in on the matter....

After tweeting about the ticket, Nehamas got this email from the City of Miami Beach.

Nehamas tells me he's just going to pay the ticket.

MEMO to City of Miami Beach Parking Department....this is why people hate the government.

Here's a suggestion: Maybe on Election Day in November you can actually help your citizens perform their civic duty...instead of throwing up roadblocks.

Oh, and here's another reason people hate government....

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