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via Vanguardia, Saltillo, Mexico.
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Miami Herald, Sept. 4, 2016.

via the Miami Herald: A purple-haired grandma lives in a tree house. Now she’s told it has to come down. By David Smiley.
“When I am up in my tree house in thunder, lightning and rain, I am in heaven. There’s nothing nicer, more spiritual, more wonderful.” - Shawnee Chasser

via the New York Times: Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun. By Justin Gillis.
“I remember lying in bed at night thinking, ‘I hope this isn’t real.’ I hope other data comes in that contradicts it. It took me several years to get my head around it and say, ‘Oh, God, it is real.’”
“We’re putting enough heat in the ocean to send water over us, no question.” Ultimately, we give up and we leave. That’s how the story ends.” - Dr. Philip Stoddard, Mayor of South Miami

via the Miami Herald: Live-at-home son of Miami-Dade police major gets boot camp for drug dealing. By David Ovalle.
The son of a Miami-Dade police major is being sent to a jail boot camp program as punishment for dealing drugs while living at his father’s home.

The sentence was handed down Friday, four months after detectives arrested Tyler Palmer, 20. Detectives said they found stashes of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and psychedelic mushrooms inside his bedroom.

“Judge Eig obviously gave the defendant a big break,” said Miami-Dade prosecutor Adam Korn. “I hope he makes the most of it.”

via the New Yorker: Trump and the Truth. By David Remnick.
"Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, does not so much struggle with the truth as strangle it altogether. He lies to avoid. He lies to inflame. He lies to promote and to preen. Sometimes he seems to lie just for the hell of it. He traffics in conspiracy theories that he cannot possibly believe and in grotesque promises that he cannot possibly fulfill. When found out, he changes the subject—or lies larger."

Meme by Sean Drake.

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