Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just how stupid are Trump supporters? This stupid.


Jordan Klepper Gets His Mind Blown by Trump Supporters’ Conspiracy Theories

Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where correspondent Jordan Klepper heads to Donald Trump rallies in Ohio and Wisconsin to learn about some of the many Hillary Clinton and President Obama conspiracy theories that Trump supporters believe in despite having no facts to prove their case — an approach that worked out for them after they called out Clinton’s coughing fits for weeks before news broke that she had pneumonia.

After interviewing a bunch of Trump fans, Klepper learns that Clinton might have AIDS and uses a body double, President Obama is a Muslim terrorist responsible for 9/11, and the media doesn’t portray Trump’s many black supporters.

So what sources do these Trump fans use to find these facts, Klepper asks?

“Um, just Facebook or Twitter. Everything.”

“So you’ll look at facts and bullshit and you’ll put it all together?”


Via the Daily Show, Sept. 20, 2016.

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