Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today Miami's Gossip Maven Extraordinaire follows up on her WORLD EXCLUSIVE!! report Sunday that CBS 4's Shannon Hori is having twins.Shannon and Angelina: "Mommyhood" is twice as nice!

Readers of Joanie's column hardly had a chance to catch their breath before Joanie followed up with yet another WORLD EXCLUSIVE!! Seems the results of Shannon's ultrasound are in and the 36 year-old anchor babe's going to have a boy AND a girl!! Joanie also reveals that Hori says her home nursery is painted yellow, but she'll likely ask husband Kendall Cogan to repaint it -- baby blue. WOW!!

Anyone care to guess how many more WORLD EXCLUSIVES!! Joanie will break on Shannon's twins before their birth in December??

Speaking of painting, Joanie also breaks the news this morning in another WORLD EXCLUSIVE!! that managers of the recently closed Palm Restaurant in Coral Gables have -- GASP!!!! -- painted the walls prior to turning the space the restaurant occupied back to the landlord!!!

Joan!! Stop it already! You're killing me with all these exclusives!!!!!!

Oh, and a question: They actually pay you to write this stuff??

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