Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sun-Sentinel gets scooped by The Herald

The Herald's Joan Fleischman got herself a neat little scoop of sorts Sunday breaking the news along with a Houston TV station that Alex Rodriguez's wife Cynthia is filing for divorce Monday.

The Associated Press story credited the Herald and Houston TV station KTRK with breaking the story in the first graph of its wire story.
However by the time the story ended up on the Sun-Sentinel website mention of the Herald was omitted. And of course Joanie forgot to mention the Houston station in her story.
The Sun-Sentinel can't bring itself to print the Herald's name.

Interesting sidenote to all of this: Cynthia Rodriguez is represented by Miami divorce attorneys Maurice Kutner and Anthony Sabatino who have experience representing high-profile spouses with the name Rodriguez who have fallen out of love.

Last year they represented CBS4 anchor Eliott Rodriguez in his highly publicized split from Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas.

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