Saturday, July 02, 2011

Miami Police looking for mother of boy

Maybe it's just me, but this seems to be an all too frequent occurrence in certain neighborhoods in Miami.

Miami Police Detective William Moreno tells me late this afternoon that this boy was recovered by police at about noon Saturday. They still don't know the name of the child. If you have any information about the boy or his mother, call Miami Police.

Here's the text of the police press release:
The City of Miami Police Department responded to 642 NW 3 Street, Apt. #17, after receiving an anonymous tip that a child was left home alone by the mother while she partied.

Once officers arrived they were greeted at the door by Mr. Ochoa who appeared to have been intoxicated. According to Mr. Ochoa, the mother dropped off her two or three year old son and told him that she would come back. Mr. Ochoa could not provide any information about the child or the mother other than a name of Glenda or Brenda.

Detectives are working in conjunction with investigator from the Department of Children and Families in hopes of locating a family member.

Investigation continues

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