Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raymond Scott, Source Magazine co-founder, arrested on Miami Beach with big-ass gun

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Raymond Scott, co-founder of The Source magazine, was arrested last Friday by Miami Beach police for reckless driving and "threats against a public servant."

The Source is a magazine that covers the hip-hop music scene.

Scott, who also goes by the stage name Benzino, was arrested July 8 by police at 9th Street and Euclid Avenue.

Raymond Scott aka "Benzino"
The police report says that a FN Five-seveN handgun was seized from Scott at the time of his arrest.

Scott made news in 2006 when a jury awarded former Source editor, Kimberly Osorio,  a $15.5 million judgment against Scott and Source co-founder, David Mays.
During the trial in U.S. District Court, Osorio's attorney, Kenneth Thompson, told Judge Jed S. Rakoff that Scott -- who is also a professional rapper known as Benzino -- shouted "Coward! Chump! Uncle Tom!" at him as he walked to the men's room during a recess. Scott denied the charge. The judge gave Scott the choice of staying in the courtroom or being escorted out of the building by a marshal.
This is not Scott's first run-in with Miami Beach police.

In 2001, Scott leveled charges of racism at Miami Beach police after being arrested following a traffic stop.
The co-owner The Source magazine, who was arrested this week on a variety of charges, among them reckless driving, marijuana possession and battery, accused the Miami Beach police officer who took him into custody of racism and brutality on Friday.

Raymond E. Scott, 36, who appeared at an afternoon press conference with a cane -- which Scott's advisers said he needs because he was injured during a police-administered beating -- won't discuss the incident directly on the advice of his attorneys. But his business partner, Source founder and CEO David Mays, said the Miami Beach Police Department is guilty of "blatant police misconduct, racial profiling and what we perceive is an attempt to discredit The Source as we come out of a successful hip-hop week."

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