Sunday, July 03, 2011

Was a Miami Herald editor forced to apologize for Glenn Garvin's 'nasty tone?'

If you believe a tweet, (above) on the Twitter page of the Center for Justice and Democracy, (CJ&D), then a Miami Herald editor has apologized to the Center for the "nasty tone" of critic Glenn Garvin's recent review of the HBO documentary, "Hot Coffee."

Saturday, the Herald published a letter from Joanne Doroshow, the executive director of the CJ&D. In it, Doroshow calls Garvin's review, "a list of tired, incorrect talking points, the sorts of things more likely to come from corporate special interests than TV critics."

I emailed Doroshow and asked her to shed more light on the "apology" and the "shocking email exchange" mentioned in the tweet. She responded this morning: "Bill we are not going to be commenting further on that. We're moving forward."

I've also emailed and left phone messages with Herald executive editor Mindy Marques for more information on the alleged "apology" but she has yet to respond.

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