Thursday, April 17, 2008

Iraq is getting safer!

Finally! The Iraqis are finally doing something to make their citizens safer.

The New York Times' Erica Goode reports from Baghdad that Iraqi authorities are cracking down....on drivers who don't buckle up!

They'll get around to taking care of those pesky kidnappers and suicide bombers one of these days. You'll see.

But just don't get caught driving in Baghdad without a seat belt. It'll cost you.

Bringing the Shiite militias and insurgents under control might take a little longer. The New York Times reported yesterday that Iraqi soldiers deserted their posts in Sadr City despite pleas from American commanders.

Maybe John McCain is right. This thing looks like it's going to take about a hundred years.

Iraqi soldiers on Tuesday after abandoning their posts on a joint mission with American troops in the Sadr City area of Baghdad. None of them appear to be wearing seat belts.

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