Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Take me to the revolution!

Burt Glinn, a photojournalist, commercial photographer and former president of the Magnum photo agency, died last week in Southampton, N.Y. He was 82 and lived in East Hampton, N.Y.

Glinn was a photojournalist in a time when it actually took a little bit of skill to take pictures. Before memory cards and pixels and Photoshop took over the profession.

One of the stories Glinn covered was the revolution in Cuba in 1959.

In New York on New Year's Eve when he got word that Catstro would be entering Havana, Glinn hopped on a plane for Cuba.

"At seven in the morning I was in Havana at the airport figuring out how to find where this thing was going on," Glinn said in an interview with Magnum Photo on the agency's Web site. "You can't just get in a cab and say, 'Take me to the Revolution.'"

But listen to him tell the story himself and look at some remarkable photographs he shot at the time.

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