Thursday, April 24, 2008

Naughty bits!

News from across the pond:

The Brits have got their knickers in a bunch this week over the latest Royal shenanigans brought to them courtesy of Prince William or as the press there likes to call him, "Wills."

Seems like Wills was out the other day tooling around the British countryside in a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, training for a war that he'll never fight.

But what got everyone's attention was the fact that he landed it in a field near the home of his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

The Washington Post's Kevin Sullivan writes: :
"He landed, spent 20 seconds on the ground, then took off again. It wasn't exactly Tom Cruise wooing Kelly McGillis from a "Top Gun" cockpit, but it was a majestic use of military aircraft as a flirtation device.

'Wills puts chopper into Kate's garden,' screamed the headline in the Sun, making a very naughty double-entendre in British slang."

Piss poor reporting on the part of the Sun; they didn't bother to mention whether or not "Kate's garden" was well-manicured!

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