Thursday, October 09, 2008

Actually...her face is not what worries me!

The world economy's in the dumper, we're stuck in a war with no end in sight, people are going broke just filling up their gas tanks and ten of thousands of Americans are being forced out of their homes.

So what are the folks at Fox News and a Republican twinkie named Andrea Tantaros upset about?

The fact that Newsweek magazine didn't Photoshop Sarah Palin's ultra-close-up photo on the cover of the current issue.

Tantaros thinks it outrageous that Newsweek makes Barack Obama look so gorgeous on their covers but not poor Sarah. Hell, they even gave Barack a halo on a recent cover, she whines!

Here's Tantaros on Fox News complaining about Newsweek's "slap in the face" at Sarah Palin. She uses the term "a slap in the face" no fewer than six times. This is a woman who clearly isn't getting enough time off.

Tantaros apparently has no problems with Palin sliming Obama by using rhetoric that borders on hate speech.

But she does have a problem with Newsweek not using the cloning tool on Sarah's pics.

What a lot of these complainers don't understand is that Newsweek is news magazine and not a fashion magazine. And Photoshopping newsphotos is a "no-no."

Here's another guy who asks the burning question "Did 'Newsweek' Have to Show Palin's 'stache?"

Who cares? It's not Palin's facial hair or large pores or moles that scare me. It's her Neanderthal-like political views and the fact that she has absolutely no business running for the second highest office in the land!

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