Friday, October 03, 2008

Memo to Sarah Palin

Dear Gov Palin

I, like many Americans, was astonished other day, when I read that you couldn’t come up with a straight answer after Katie Couric asked you what newspapers and magazines you read.

As Margaret Thatcher might say, you went “all wobbly.”

Most intelligent Americans, when asked a similar question, might respond by naming their hometown newspaper and a national paper like the NY Times, USA Today and perhaps a magazine or two.

But you tap-danced and obfuscated and sputtered and avoided a very simple question put to you by Couric.

Later, when you were asked to elaborate on your answer, you responded by complaining about Couric’s “gothcha” tactics and blamed your failure to come up with the name of one newspaper you read on - incredibly - "the media!"

You call them “gotcha” questions. Some say it’s just the press doing its job.

You also raised the issue of the media “filtering” your answers, whatever that is.

If you’ll allow me an observation Governor, from where I sit down here on the edge of the Everglades, your reticence to answer a relatively inane question does not bode well for you should you and Sen. McCain get elected this November.

You might remember Watergate and two guys named Woodward and Bernstein. Those boys and girls in the Washington press corps are full of “gotcha” questions. And they’ll eat your lunch if you start whining about how "unfair" they are.

If that upsets you or you think the press is being “unethical” then perhaps you might want to reconsider your candidacy.

And if you’re intimidated by a silly Katie Couric question, then how does four years of really tough questioning sound?

But today my astonishment turned to disbelief, when I read that apparently after three days of thinking about it, - and when asked by FOX News - you were finally able to name some newspapers and magazines you read. This is the “big time” Governor. You don’t get “do-overs.”

Another observation if I may Governor, beating up on the press and blaming them for your gaffes and lack of qualifications might score you points in some circles, but in the final analysis most Americans cherish the idea of a free and unfettered press. It keeps you politicians honest!

As you probably know, there are some countries on the planet where politicians aren’t hassled by a free press. Cuba and North Korea come to mind. However the United States isn’t one of them and that's just fine by me.

If that doesn’t suit you, then perhaps you should do yourself and the country a favor and jump on the next plane back to Wasilla.

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