Wednesday, October 08, 2008

George W. Bush's 8 years....FAIL!!!!

As America inches closer to the day when George Bush packs his bags and heads back to Texas - 103 days and counting - it's only fitting that we take a serious look back at some of the promises he made and judge whether or not he kept them.

I'm sure C-Span and the Newshour on PBS will be doing in-depth analyses of Bush's eight years in office. But who has time to sit around and listen to, what will no doubt, be a bunch of talking heads?

I'd rather hear it directly from the man himself! And all of it in under 2 minutes!

The political staff at The Late Show with David Letterman has put together this video compilation of Bush's achievements. How did he do? You be the judge.

OK, OK. That wasn't really all that serious. But the video below is a little more introspective and scholarly...just like George Bush.

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