Thursday, November 20, 2008

From Random Pixels Rumor Control Desk...

I was taken aback the other day when I read some rumors in the comments section of Rick's SFDB that said that Books and Books on Lincoln Road is closing.

Trying to imagine Lincoln Road without Books and Books is like trying to imagine the Miami Herald without Carl Hiaasen or Miami City Hall without corrupt politicians! It's beyond comprehension!

One of the things I despise most about the Internet are the proliferation outright lies and rumors.

Rumors are so unnecessary because it's just as easy to verify information as it is to post something that has no basis in fact.

(I'm not blaming Rick in this case because he pretty much tries not to censor comments.)

However I have no respect for those who post falsehoods without even bothering to check to see if their information is true. Writing that a business is closing when in fact it's not is irresponsible.

All anyone had to do was drop a note to Books and Books owner Mitchell Kaplan and ask him if the Lincoln Rd store was indeed closing. Mitchell is one of the most accessible people in Miami.

That's what I did. And Mitchell responded:
"Bill, we’re not closing…the cafĂ© is staying right where it is…but, the store will be moving within the building right next to Design Within Reach, where Base Annex was…We’ll be relocating after the 1st…Thanks for your concern, but we’re in good shape…Mitchell."
See how easy that was .....SuperBee?

Mitchell tells me that he'll be making an official announcement in early December.

But just read it here first. And that ain't no rumor!


  1. Oops. Glad to hear they're just "relocating" not "closing."

    But my question now is, "Where's Base Annex going?"

  2. Bill, we need more credible journalists like you!


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