Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Miami Herald ... embarrassing

From The Who's In Charge at The Herald? Dept:

Barack Obama's visit to the White House Monday as president-elect was a significant moment in this country's history.

So how did South Florida's newspaper of record choose to mark the occasion today? They marred the solemnity of the moment with a flip headline that denigrated and disparaged Obama's visit.

Compare the Herald's front page with that of two New York tabloids that ran the same photo.
Even the headline writers at the NY Post - not normally known for their restraint when it comes to tasteless headlines - took a day off. The editors documented the occasion with all the solemnity they could muster by running an extremely powerful photograph of an extraordinary moment without resorting to a snarky headline.

Barack Obama's going to be our president for at least the next four years so I'm sure the editors/pranksters at the Herald will be coming up with more cute and hip headlines when the mood strikes them. But if they run short of ideas perhaps they can call upon this hilarious guy at the Murfreesboro Post in Tennessee for some guidance.

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