Monday, December 29, 2008

If you surf the 'net at careful!

WEST PALM BEACH — Thirteen city employees accused of using office computers for sexual content or religious slurs have been axed or resigned in an ongoing investigation that cuts across department lines.

West Palm Beach spokesman Peter Robbins said today that more firings are likely in the probe by the Human Resources Division, as investigators follow a trail of e-mails sent and Web sites viewed. Since October three people have been fired and 10 resigned, with the most recent departure on Dec. 16, he said.

"Every investigated person "A" leads to person "B," Robbins said.

"It's not being done by department; it's being done by the record of the communications themselves."

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  1. I used to work at this company, in the customer service dept. This dept was full of women, me being the only guy. By some error, I received fwds of most emails. Some emails included sexual innuendo.
    One email on July 4th, showed a muscular naked man with a flag wrapped around. This message had been from one manager to another and forwarded to several female employees. It was pretty funny to see their comments regarding the naked male.


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